Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Port-A-Pots, a triptych, will be a part of the Holter Museum Annual Art Auction and Exhibition this May.

Each painting is 5x5 inches, oil on board


  1. I can smell their uniquely "sweet" scent, feel their greenhouse heat, see them as the silly little under-appreciated refuges that they are. They thrive in any environment, and ask so little of us. Should any evidence be needed that separates us from "the beasts," this is it. Ode to the Port-A-Pots; love these!

  2. This is the 20th and 21st century edition of the outhouse. Where the outhouse was an ubiquitous part of the landscape of the 19th century - now these lovely little things dot the landscape today.

    These little "pots" are wonderful! I've seen them in person and they really are!